Colors Mix

A nice puzzle game in which moving the colored tiles on the board you can combine them to form colored fruits (green apples, red strawberries and blue grapes) which vanish, marking points, joining them.



Try to obtain as much points you can joining grapes (3 points), strawberries (2 points), apples (1 point).
After each 10 moves a black tile appears reducing the active board area. After each 10 points achieved a black tile is removed from the board. The black tiles can be moved but not combined.
Use the available bombs to destroy the black tiles in order to free space for moves. Don’t forget to use them before game over.
Destroying black tiles surprise can happens, and new bombs can be gained advancing in levels.
Access with your Game Center / Google Play Games account to share best scores and compete with other players.
Advancing in levels you’ll gain additional bombs that will make the life easier!